I Do Print.

I love print. I love colours and branding and getting my print work just perfect.



This magazine post the visual mainly.


Target Audience

Youth people - Age group16 - 30Designer or ArtistSomeone like ARTs, Illustrations and Graphics Passion and Dream of art / design


Aims & Objectives

For Readers

The Hong Kong designers /design students want to search some reference.The price of design books or magazinesare not really resonable.

For Designer / Artists

Each issue of the magazine will remain two to three vacancies page for the artists / designers to submit their own work

There is a good opportunity for young people

This project is about A-fontane which have a  new eco-product to provide some re-use cloth. 
                            (brand details)
We need to use of eco-cotton cloth and make a new product with packaging.

​Jumping Mushroom Chess

This product can make user have cheerful and comfortable feelings.
That is pander to the brand products.
Meanwhile, The client enjoy to family fun with A-Fontane beddings.
The flying chess use the mushrooms to represent their ECO concept.




Brochure &
Photo Shooting

This promotion is teaching people how to protect themselves particularly female.

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This promotion is teaching people how to protect themselves particularly female.




Creative Icon





This project is the typography classification exhibition. People may not interest in typeface so I want to make it funnier and make more attention for the exhibition.

Typography crossover Dinosaur

That concept which is use typeface character applies to dinosaur. The display can visualize typeface character and let people can easy to remember it.​

X'mas card


Handrawing x'mas card.
I really like to draw the animals that can show their fur texture with the brush stroke.

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